Next stop: working at keolis

Looking for a job as a school bus or scheduled service bus driver? Can you see yourself behind the wheel of a minibus or a big touring coach? At Keolis we have the job that suits you.

Fancy getting under the bonnet of our large vehicles and buses? We’re also looking for people with an understanding of (electro)mechanics for our modern fleet.

This is the page were you’ll find more information about the job opportunities at Keolis.

Go for a job as a bus driver

Will Keolis be your next career stop? A varied job as a bus driver awaits you. And people’s gratitude is a bonus! Because we always say #mercichauffeur.

Gratitude from Keolis

At Keolis we just love our bus drivers. We value them and think that it’s important for our drivers to feel that way every day. But it goes a lot further than that! Gratitude for you as a bus driver comes from many angles.

Gratitude from your colleagues

Enjoy having a good laugh at someone’s anecdote? Ready to leap into the breach because a colleague can’t make it to work? Like supporting and coaching people? The staff at Keolis are one big family that you can always – and we mean always – count on.

Our drivers are involved in training their fellow workers. No one understands them better. Because they share the same feeling of responsibility.

I was immediately charmed by the personal approach at Keolis. You’re anything but a number – and that’s clear from the first contact.
Roxanne De Ben
Busdriver at Keolis
Keolis patroon
Giving training to my colleagues makes me feel very happy. It may look simple, but in a job like a driver of school buses, you have enormous responsibility.
Eddy De Maeyer
Busdriver and teacher at Keolis

Gratitude from your passengers

Thanks to our drivers, everyone gets to his or her destination. This is a priceless feeling – as are the smiles of passengers.

No day is the same for our drivers. And they really enjoy the warm glow they get from helping their passengers.

Gratitude from the environment

Need to collect the children every day from school? Fancy working part-time to make time for your family? At Keolis, we look for jobs that suit everyone’s needs.

When you love your job, it doesn’t feel like working. But it’s also important to make time for your family and friends. Which is something you can do at Keolis!

Keolis patroon
I love social contact. Myself, I drive a route that goes past the airport, so lots of foreign tourists board my bus. I really enjoy being able to help them on their way and it brings nice variety to my day.
Jan Mesens
Busdriver at Keolis
Keolis patroon
My work schedule means I can go shopping during the day and it’s flexible enough for me to make an appointment with the hairdresser, bank or doctor
Ine Meulemans
Busdriver at Keolis