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Your dream holiday begins with us

Keolis Travel will give you the trip of a lifetime. Whether it’s a day’s excursion by bus, a multiday cycling trip or a far-off journey for two months, Keolis Travel is there to help you organise your dream trip. 

Organising a multiday trip?

We’d love to help you! Keolis Travel has an extensive range for you to choose from. Whether it’s at home or abroad, there’s a huge amount for you to experience. So we’ll be delighted to provide you with the kind of experience that you have never had before. And, as you’d expect, we always take account of your specific wishes and options. Fancy something different? Just let us know and we’ll find the best trip for you. You’re bound to find what you’re looking for in our wide range.

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Customised travel and activities

Don’t have enough time or inspiration to organise a group excursion or event? Maybe you have a particular destination in mind or would like to go on a journey from our range with your private group? Our travel experts are standing by to make your next journey or activity an unforgettable experience. We’ll pool our thoughts with you to create a unique experience for your whole group.

The most beautiful daytrips in the local area

Keolis Travel offers the most beautiful daytrips in our own country. Depart for a day out and explore the loveliest locations close to home with expert travel leaders and guides. Discover our varied range of days out for young and old alike, departing in your neighbourhood. We regularly expand and update our offering of daytrips for outings in Belgium and neighbouring countries.


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