Terms & Conditions

General terms & conditions

1) The provisions of our general terms and conditions form an integral part of our offers and of any agreement for bus and coach transport concluded with our company. The customer shall be deemed to have taken note of and accepted all clauses thereof unless explicitly stated otherwise.

2) The present general terms and conditions cannot be replaced by any others. Any deviation mentioned on the customer's order form or invoice is not enforceable against us. The present general terms and conditions take precedence over all other general terms and conditions.

3) The price for the transport includes the fixed costs relating to passenger transport (driver, vehicle and toll) unless otherwise stated in the offer. Depending on the offer, the variable costs (parking, driver's stay) will be invoiced to the customer at cost price or directly borne by the customer.

4) We reserve the right to demand compensation for damages caused by any inappropriate behaviour of the customer.

5) Our invoices are established in cash in and are payable at our registered office, without discount and immediately upon receipt. We nonetheless reserve the right to request payment of the complete dossier prior to the execution of the contract.

6) Non payment of our invoices on their due date will automatically and without notice incur interest of 12%. Furthermore, they will be increased ipso jure and without notice o f default by a percentage of 15% flat rate compensation without prejudice to the damage actually suffered, and with this sum being a minimum of €40.

7) In the event of non payment of our invoices on their due date or interest or penalties, we reserve the right to cancel all orders still to be executed by registered letter, without the customer being able to claim any compensation in this regard.

8) Cancellations of ordered journeys which occur at least 22 days before departure shall incur the following charges: Cancellations must always be communicated IN WRITING
For journeys of one or several days (stays):
a. Between the day of the order and 22 days before departure no cancellation fee, except possible costs for driver and crossings
b. Between 21 days and 14 hours before departure: 30% of the total price + any costs for the driver, crossings and additional services
c. Between 13 days and 48 hours before departure: 50% of the total price + any costs for the driver, crossings and additional services
d. Under 48 hours before departure: 90% of the total price + any costs for the driver, crossings and additional services

9) Under the authority of and according to the instructions of his employer, the driver is free to determine the route to be taken to the destination to be reached. Under the authority of their employer, the driver shall have the right to interrupt the journey immediat ely for a period of time of their choice and if necessary return to the place of departure by the shortest route if their onboard instructions are not respected by the passengers, or if in their opinion the attitude or behaviour of one or more passengers constitutes a danger to the safety of the bus and the other passengers.

10) Complaints regarding the execution of the service(s) must be sent to us exclusively by registered letter and at the latest within 8 days after the execution of the contract. Complaints regarding our invoices are only admissible if they are formulated by registered letter at the latest within 8 days after the sending of the invoice.

11) We cannot be held liable for cases of force majeure which directly or indirectly prevent the normal execution of the transport contract, such as in particular unforeseeable technical problems, strikes or bad weather conditions. In such event, our company will not be liable to pay any compensation in excess of the reimbursement of any advance payment made. If due to unforeseen circumstances such as a breakdown, strike, illness of a driver, etc., which occur during the execution of the contract, the planned route can only be partially executed, the price of the trip will be reduced in proportion to the non executed services. Under no circumstances will our company be obliged to pay any compensation for the non fulfilment of the route. Our company will however provide an equivalent means of transport to bring passengers back to their point of departure.

12) The liability of our company with regard to the transport services insured by us is governed by the Act of 25 August 1891 on contracts of carriage. In case of damage to or loss of personal clothes or luggage, our liability is however limited to 250 EURO per item of luggage and 500 EURO per person transported.

13) All disputes relating to the conclusion, interpretation, execution or dissolution of transport contracts or travel agency agreements concluded with our company are subject to Belgian law and will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of the company's registered office.