KeoCount, the application for insight into the passengers on board

With KeoCount, Keolis has developed an application to give customers an insight into the passengers on board. The driver can indicate via an on-board tablet how many people are getting on and off the bus. The app keeps track of time and location so that traveller flows can be better mapped.

In real time, the driver uses a simple action on a tablet to indicate how many passengers are getting on at each stop. Passengers can be broken down into profiles (e.g. child, student, adult), giving the customer more info about the passengers per stop and the possibility to tailor the transport to this data..

KeoCount thus provides onboard registration. Because measuring is knowing! The customer can also consult the data in real time via a personalised dashboard. This leads to better insights into the mobility flows, allowing future mobility concepts to be optimally adapted to the real needs of the users.

KeoCount is being used for the first time on the shuttles between PR Weba and the centre of Ghent. The data stored is completely anonymous, as the app does not enter any data which could violate the privacy of individuals.