Keolis and Selecta Cars new carriers of Max Mobiel in Ghent

Max Mobiel, which organises collective transport and commuting in Ghent, has concluded a new cooperation. Keolis Heyerick Zulte will work together with Selecta Cars to provide a new and more extensive service in the Ghent Seaport. "We are proud of the trust that we and our drivers have been given to carry out this collective transport," says Hanne Deschacht, operations manager of Keolis in East and West Flanders.

Max Mobiel vzw organises collective commuter transport in and around Ghent. In particular, their buses drive to business areas that are difficult to reach by public transport, including the North Sea Port area. Every day, Max Mobiel transports 600 employees to and from their workplace. "Max Mobiel keeps everyone's workplace close by, and ensures fewer cars on our roads. That is first and foremost a social issue: mobility should not be a barrier to work for anyone. It is also ecological: choosing Max Mobiel means choosing sustainable and multimodal transport," says policy officer Vic De Muynck.

Because of the termination of the cooperation with the previous transport company, Max Mobiel had to look for new operators to carry out the commuter transport. Together with Selecta Cars, Keolis Heyerick will provide a new and more extensive service in the Ghent Seaport. Thus, Keolis will take care of Zeehaven-West and Selecta Cars will take Zeehaven-Oost for her account.

"The use of 1 bus takes about 15 cars off the road, which greatly reduces congestion and parking pressure," says Hanne Deschacht, operations manager for Keolis in East and West Flanders. "We have been providing shuttle services in the technology park in Ghent for years, already in cooperation with Max Mobiel, and services for WEBA. As a transport company, we find it important that bus transport becomes an attractive alternative in commuting."

Hanne Deschacht

Booking via the application

To make use of the shuttle services in the port, a reservation must be made via the free application. "Passengers have to make a request via the application by a certain deadline - unlike normal shuttle rides. This application is unique because it provides real-time information to both drivers and passengers. Our drivers will have to adapt to this new way of working, but fortunately the Max Mobiel team provides sufficient support and guidance," continues Deschacht.

The app MBus for employees includes an online booking system. The request for a ride to the Ghent Seaport has to be submitted by a certain deadline. Then the planning kicks in and a bus is assigned to a driver with an exact location and time when the ride will start.

Kaart op MBus App

QR code

After making a reservation through the application, the employee receives a unique QR code that must be shown to the driver when boarding. With a separate app for the drivers, this QR code can be scanned, either printed or via the app. The bus driver gets all details necessary via the mobile application: how many people get on and where the passengers get off.

"We are proud of the trust that we and our drivers have received to carry out this collective transport and to strengthen our service in Ghent," says Deschacht.

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