Longer-distance travel for small groups

You’ve had a marvellous idea and are planning a trip away with ten or so friends or your family. And a weekend out and about in a French city or a few days at the Dutch coast is always fun. But getting there and back might be an issue. Which is why you can rely on a minibus from Keolis for a problem-free journey. And aboard our minibuses, you always travel in comfort.

Travel in a group and enjoy being together

Travelling in a group has all sorts of advantages. Travelling in our minibus, you’ll not only be comfortable, but your trip will also be very flexible. You decide where and when you want the driver to pick you up and where you want to go. Want to travel overnight? No problem! Our driver will get you there safely. While you sleep on board, our person at the wheel will make sure it’s a safe journey. So you arrive refreshed at your destination and can start exploring the local area as soon as you get there.

You’re always nice and safe when you’re sitting in our minibus. All of our drivers are given continuous training to ensure you have a pleasant trip. Their responsibility begins as soon as you step aboard and only ends when you have arrived safely.


Our driver will adapt to your travel schedule

You can also plan all of your visits beforehand as part of your travel schedule. Visit a local town or city with any of the parking hassles. Our driver will then simply pick you up again at the end of the day. And if you’re going hiking, you don’t have to go back to where you started from. Your minibus will be waiting for you at the agreed time and place at the end of your hike.

As a result, the price per person usually works out to be very low. So ask us for an obligation-free price quote. That way, you know the price before you leave and there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

This coach is ideal for this kind of traveling.