Brussel rolls out vaccination buses with Keolis

In conjunction with its partner, Keolis, the Brussels Capital Region is working to speed up the level of vaccinations. Which is why the vaccination centre is now using Keolis buses to go out into the community in the hope of getting more jabs into people’s arms more quickly. On Monday, the buses will be stopping at the test centre in Boulevard Panchéco.

The mobile vaccination teams will also be visiting locations where lots of people congregate, such as parks, events or markets, so that anyone who wishes to and who is not yet been inoculated can be given a dose of the vaccine as quickly and simply as possible.

“The vaccination buses are there to strengthen local programmes, says Inge Neven, who is responsible for the approach taken to Covid-19 for the Joint Community Commission. “The vaccination campaign we ran in Jette was a success, so we want to continue that. And thanks to this collaboration with Keolis, we can tackle more local areas in parallel and in doing so make real strides forward.”

The interiors of the buses have been kitted out like little vaccination centres. People can come aboard with their identity card, a doctor checks on their state of health and then administers a jab. This means that visiting the vaccination centre itself is no longer necessary. People also don’t have to come back for a second jab, because everyone is being given the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

So, in addition to the vaccination shuttle buses that are still ferrying people from various local authority areas to the vaccination centres, Keolis is also now bringing in these vaccination buses. “At Keolis, we like to think about how we can help the community,” says Gaëtan Binet, manager at Keolis Brussels. “Of course, we do this anyway in terms of people’s mobility, but now we can also help speed up and simplify the vaccination campaign. Thanks to our vaccination buses, we can now reach more people who otherwise might have found it difficult to get to a vaccination centre – or who might not have come at all. And that way, we can increase the overall number of people getting their jab.”

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