Keolis gets jobseekers excited about the job

In June, Keolis hosted 10 trainees who came to learn about the profession of bus driver. Jobseekers were allowed to do a day's work placement at Keolis in cooperation with Kiem vzw and the VDAB. The trainees are currently doing a 9-week preparatory course to become bus drivers at the VDAB. This also includes a day's additional accommodation. Our drivers welcomed them with open arms.

The aim of the traineeship was to become acquainted with the profession of bus driver in practice and to obtain additional information. The jobseekers rode along with an experienced driver and were able to get a taste of the profession. Our drivers did their best to answer all their questions about the working atmosphere, the timetables, and the plus and minus points of the job (etc).

The candidates were accompanied by drivers from various Keolis depots in Edegem, Kortenberg, Halle, Groot-Bijgaarden and Neder-Over-Heembeek, among others, and spent a day driving a school or public service.

Although it was an early start for many, the candidates were very enthusiastic. After this preliminary training with Kiem vzw, the candidates can start their training with VDAB. We wish the candidates every success and hope to see them again after they have obtained their driving licences!