Shuttles increase accessibility of the Technologiepark

Keolis can deploy minibuses to increase the accessibility of areas with few transport options and poor public transport. This was the case for the employees of various companies in the Technologiepark in Ghent. They often come to work by train, but lose time in their commute. This is why Keolis uses minibuses for Max Mobiel and Technologiepark between the Gent-Sint-Pieters station and the industrial estate.

Max Mobiel Gent Keolis

In 2021, the contract with Max Mobiel, the organiser of employee transport, was extended for a period of three years. Max Mobiel helps solve some commuting problems in the Ghent region. The five vehicles were fully painted in Max Mobiel colours for this extension. They are recognisable from afar!

The Technologiepark has few parking facilities and many commuters come to work by train. Keolis minibuses provide a smooth connection between the station and four stops on the industrial estate. On weekdays, our buses run to the station and back every morning and evening during peak hours. During these hours, employees have the opportunity to get to the station or to work every 5 minutes.

One of the five buses is also equipped with a lift. So people with disabilities or commuters with reduced mobility can also easily benefit from this shuttle service. The full trip to the Technologiepark station takes less than 15 minutes.