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  • Yes. By default, a shuttle ticket is valid for an outward and return journey on the same route, unless explicitly stated otherwise. You can also use your ticket for the outward or return journey only. We do not sell single ride tickets, because this would make the planning of our buses extremely complicated.

  • Yes, a global invoice can be requested by ticking the "invoice" box when ordering.

  • No, the ticket is only valid for the transport from and to the event.

  • You cannot buy a ticket for a single ride, because a ticket is always valid for a return journey on the same route. If you wish to disembark elsewhere, then this is only possible by purchasing a second ticket for a different route.

  • No, a ticket is only valid for the outward and return journey of the event that day.

  • No, pets are not allowed on the bus, with the exception of guide dogs.

  • One item of luggage per person may be taken free of charge into the coach's luggage compartment (with a maximum of 15 kg per item of luggage and with a maximum dimension of, 75 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm). Extra luggage will not be allowed, not even for a fee. Baggage larger or heavier than those described above may be refused by the driver. It is also forbidden to carry dangerous products (gas bottles, flammable liquids, fireworks, etc.) in the vehicle. One hand luggage of maximum 5 kg and maximum dimensions of 55 cm x 38 cm x 15 cm per passenger is allowed in the passenger compartment.

  • No, once bookings are closed on our platform, you can no longer order tickets, either by mail or by phone. In certain cases, some free places are still offered. These can only be purchased via the platform.

  • No, you can only purchase a shuttle ticket via our platform, until the ticket sales are closed. In some cases, aditionnal tickets are offered, which can only be purchased through the platform.

  • Depending on the event, different rates are sometimes provided for children and/or elderly people. If this is the case, you can find the different rates clearly on the platform during the booking procedure.

  • No, we do not provide a group discount.

  • In case of problems before, during or after our shuttle services, you can reach out to us by mail at event-shuttle@keolis.be. The mailbox is closely monitored.

Before the bus trip

  • No, transport tickets cannot be cancelled.

  • No, unfortunately we cannot provide a refund in the event of illness.

  • Yes, in the event of cancellation of the event all tickets will be refunded 100%.

  • You can have the name, pick-up point and date on your ticket changed.

    • The name on the transport ticket can be changed free of charge up to 7 days before the event. After this period, we charge a €5 administration fee per ticket.
    • The boarding point can be changed (if the capacity allows to do so) up to 7 days before the start of the event. For this we charge a €5 administration fee per booking.
    • In case of a multi-day event, we can rebook the date of the ticket (if the capacity allows to do so). We charge a cancellation fee of €5 per booking.

    Want to change the details of a ticket? If so, please send an email to event-shuttle@keolis.be.


  • The bus will always be at the exact location as described on the platform. The pinpoint on the map corresponds exactly to the location of the bus.

  • The buses are always marked with the name of the event.

  • All passengers who have bought their tickets through one booking, will be on the same bus - unless it doesn't work out with the allocation of seats in our planning, in which case we will contact the booker personally. If your friends have each purchased a ticket separately, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be on the same bus. Our advise: buy your tickets through one person, not all of them separately.

  • No, you can choose a seat on the vehicle when boarding.

  • Yes, when boarding the outward journey you must present your proof of identity to the driver so that he can validate your ticket.

  • We ask our clients to be present at least 15 minutes before the indicated time. The coach will always depart at the indicated time.

During the bus trip

  • Each bus has a specific identification number and an indication of the boarding points.

    On site at the event you will also find Event-Shuttle staff to whom you can ask for additional information or assistance.

  • No, we are not responsible for theft and the bus for the return trip may be different from the bus for the outbound trip.

  • Food: No, in order to keep the bus tidy and not to disturb other passengers, it is forbidden to eat food on the bus.

    Drinks: Opened drinks such as cans are not allowed on the coach. However, bottles with a sealable cap are allowed. You can always ask the driver to buy a cool drink.

  • Yes, you can find the emergency number on your wristband. If you have lost your wristband, you can reach us at the emergency number +32 (0)2/513.77.44, for event-shuttle related issues only. It might be a good idea to save this number in your mobile phone!

  • Yes, you are covered by the motor coach company's third-party liability insurance for bodily harm during the coach journey and when boarding and disembarking from the coach.

  • Event-Shuttle provides replacement transport in this case. Costs for own transport initiatives like taxis are not refundable.

After the bus trip

  • You can contact the emergency number for this.

  • You will find this information on your ticket.

Still a question?

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Please send us an email to event-shuttle@keolis.be.
We answer to non-urgent questions only through this way.