Electric buses for private transport

Keolis is dedicated to promoting electric transport. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, very manoeuvrable and noiseless. Thanks to our international projects, we have acquired expertise you can rely on. Keolis is further expanding its range of electric vehicles. Feel free to ask us to suggest a solution that perfectly responds to the spatial planning of the operating area and your capacity requirements. Our fleet of electric vehicles will be totally geared to your needs.

Tailor-made electric private transport

Small electric shuttlebuses

Our electric shuttles are the perfect solution for your business event, party or any occasion where you would like to use an ecological transport solution. With the E-shuttle, you not only bring your visitors or guests to the location in comfort, you do so in an original and sustainable manner.

Our vehicles can accommodate 14 people and have a range of around 100 km. They are silent, manoeuvrable, environmentally friendly and affordable. We can also personalise the shuttle with your logo or advertisement on the rear window.

The shuttle can be used

  • For company tours, between a (distant) parking location and company site
  • As an addition to public transport or to supplement coach transport services
  • At events like weddings, corporate events, (city) festivals
Elektrische busjes Keolis
elektrische bus Keolis

Electric buses for larger groups

Keolis regularly expands its fleet with new electric vehicles. For example, there are two electric buses running for Cobelpro between Zuiderpoort and Gent-Sint-Pieters station. This gives workers on the industrial estate the benefit of free bus travel.

Electric vehicles also make travelling to work and back from home a unique experience. An electric vehicle provides the perfect way of commuting to and from work or the industrial estate.

Tailor-made electric public transport

Electric vehicles for the city centre and customised transport

Smaller buses are perfect for the city centre and customised transport. For example, a city shuttle or a shuttle between parking and event location. The municipal executive of Bruges and Keolis conducted a pilot project with electric public transport. They sought and found a solution for mobility with minimum impact in a small, manoeuvrable and 100% electric vehicle. During this 3-month project, the electric bus was extensively tested and approved by passengers, road users and the municipal executive.

Electric vehicles for core and additional network

Bigger buses are suitable for the urban area (core and additional network). Internationally, Keolis is involved in numerous projects involving big buses on the public transport network.

In France, Australia and Canada, electric buses also provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution. Regional and urban transport as well as inter-city transport and airport transport are all electric. All these projects show that Keolis is ready for the future and demonstrate the expertise that it has acquired with respect to electric and new mobility. In Sweden, 94% of our fleet is already powered by alternative fuels, including electricity.

Keolis wants to support organisers and governments in their plans to stimulate and promote sustainable mobility. The advantages of an electric vehicle are also endless. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it also minimises odour and noise nuisance experienced by pedestrians and local residents.