Global leader in autonomous vehicles

Keolis is a global leader in autonomous vehicles. At the end of 2019, Keolis drove more than 94,000 autonomous kilometres in over 35 places all over the world and these driverless shuttles have already transported more than 189,000 passengers. Several successful projects have already been trialled in Belgium too, with driverless buses operating in Han-sur-Lesse and Waterloo.

Multimodal, tailor-made expertise

To develop this multimodal offer, which includes autonomous vehicles, Keolis draws on its expertise in operating and integrating traditional transport modes, as well as on numerous successful past experiences in putting autonomous vehicles into service in urban environments in partnership with Navya, leader and specialist in the design and development of 100% autonomous, driverless and electric vehicles.

The autonomous vehicles are 100% electric and accessible for people with reduced mobility and are regularly used on university campuses (e.g. Rennes, France), as the first and last mile solution to supplement the existing public network (e.g. Newcastle, Australia), or as a shuttle service between parking and tourist attractions (e.g. Monaco, France).

Our know-how extends further than merely using autonomous vehicles. We customise all our services, roll out the project in each location, deploy the vehicles and perform the technical maintenance of the fleet. All this is managed by our own monitoring centre.

Thanks to our international experience, we can continue to improve our services.

Autonome shuttle

Paris - La Défense: + 97% of passengers satisfied

Since its launch in June 2017, the autonomous shuttle service at the site of La Défense has been improved for greater passenger comfort.
Thanks to a more detailed understanding of the site, the passengers, and the interactions with the shuttle, a certain number of improvements have gradually been made to the service:

  • Markings on the ground help pedestrians to better visualise the path of the shuttle
  • Adjusted timetables
  • Optimised itineraries to better meet passenger demand

An autonomous shuttle operating in road traffic in Las Vegas

In partnership with the American Automobile Association (AAA), the autonomous shuttle provides approximately 250,000 residents and visitors to Las Vegas with a unique, and, for most of them, totally novel experience: a trip aboard an autonomous vehicle. This experiment builds on the Keolis shuttle presented to Las Vegas in partnership with Navya in early 2017. It is the first autonomous vehicle to be fully integrated into road traffic. The self-driving electric shuttle runs on a loop of about one kilometre near Fremont Street in the historic centre of Las Vegas. It offers free trips so that passengers can try out autonomous transport in real conditions.

The multiple uses of autonomous vehicles

  • Urban zones: pedestrianised town centres, narrow roads.
  • Airports: internal or external passenger transfers, movement of staff.
  • Hospitals: transporting patients and their loved ones from a public transport station or car park to the hospital site; movement of staff on the site.
  • University campuses: transporting students between a distant public transport station and the university; movement within the campus.
  • Amusement parks and tourist sites: transfering visitors between the various points of interest and the carparks
  • Industrial sites: transporting personnel between the various points of interest (place of work, canteen, etc.) 
  • Shopping centres: transporting clients from a shopping centre to a public transport station, and vice versa.