Drivers get acquainted with electric driving

Electric vehicles will make up an increasingly large part of our fleet. For example, we already have electric buses in Brussels and Ghent. This is part of Keolis' future vision to make our fleet greener. Driving an electric bus isn’t the same as driving a diesel vehicle. The drivers are therefore receiving training in electric driving. 

When Keolis invests in electric vehicles, we also invest in our drivers. They receive the necessary training to get to know the vehicle and to learn new habits. Electric buses have more limited autonomy than diesel buses. The driver has a great influence on the driving range, and so knowledge of the vehicle is extremely important.

Xavier Vandendriessche, Project Manager New Mobility, explains: "We always provide this training for a driver who switches from diesel to electric. Saving energy and maximising its recovery are particularly important. This is often also their first introduction to "one pedal driving". Charging the vehicle also requires attention."

The training course therefore introduces many new things. It is overseen by the constructors, but also takes place individually in the field with the service vehicle. By becoming acquainted with the new vehicles, the driver can easily make the switch to electric driving with complete peace of mind.

Elektrische bus opleiding