Ethias helps customers with their “insurance bus”

Insurance companies have a lot of work to do after the floods in Wallonia and Limburg. Ethias is also putting its shoulder to the wheel. Many buildings are unusable due to water damage and there is often no electricity. Ethias is therefore assisting people in a Keolis mobile centre. Ethias is currently deploying four buses in various disaster zones to help its customers.

The mobile centre is contained in a Keolis coach, which will travel through all the affected Walloon areas in the coming weeks. Residents can call upon experts to fill in their damage reports and receive psychological assistance.

The advantage of the coach is that Ethias can directly reach the people concerned. The Ethias damage experts on board have this to say about the bus: “It’s very practical, we have a good internet connection on the bus. This means that we can immediately start up the claims files of the customers. This is done on the bus by four employees. We work on the bus using our laptops."

Ethias has four mobile offices which travel around the country. The bus runs daily until 31 July, from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. All practical information can be found on the Ethias website.

Verzekeringsbus Ethias