Recruitment day for Keolis Luxembourg

This month, a new recruitment day was organised for bus drivers in the province of Luxembourg. There are currently 9 positions available for bus drivers, spread across the depots of Bastogne, Virton, Tintigny and Neufchâteau.

Although the recruitment day was held via video call, a total of about 30 interested people participated in the two sessions. Forem introduced the recruitment day by explaining the training opportunities, access conditions and benefits. Christophe Halloy, operations manager of the Luxembourg subsidiary, explained: “We recruit regularly in our 11 establishments, which have 250 drivers and 20 mechanics. The driver has to be rigorous, since they have to guarantee the safety of the passengers. Punctuality and a good relationship with the customers are also important." (The video below is in French)

Some local drivers also participated in a video to explain the day-to-day reality of their jobs. These men and women chose to work as school drivers, line drivers or company shuttle drivers, and haven’t regretted it for a single minute!

Through events like this, we can continue to present the profession and the company and attract new talent to Keolis. (The videos below are in French)