Sideguard Assist on new regular transport vehicles

Blind spots, a cyclist coming around the corner, or a pedestrian crossing the road without looking are just a few examples of how accidents can happen. Keolis is investing in better road safety with an innovative option on our new vehicles used for regular transport. These vehicles are equipped with Sideguard Assist.

The new Mercedes-Benz Citaro vehicles are now equipped with a blind spot assistant: Sideguard Assist. This increases the safety of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. When turning at an intersection, the system warns the driver about persons or other obstacles within the danger zone of the blind spot. The driver receives both a message on the dashboard and one in the side mirror, and is also alerted by vibrations in the seat.  This additional safety feature is especially useful in urban areas with many cyclists and pedestrians. 

Jurgen Spinnoy, Global Maintenance Manager, thinks that the choice of this additional option by Keolis was obvious: "As a company, we are very concerned about road safety. It helps our drivers navigate safely through sometimes very dangerous traffic situations. This system will undoubtedly prove its worth, contributing to fewer accidents and less downtime during services. The extra cost doesn’t outweigh the benefits."

He adds: "We are looking into whether this option can also be placed on new vehicles of other manufacturers. We intend to continue investing in road safety!”

Sideguard Assist