CNG-bus Brussels

Driving on CNG: ecologically and economically responsible transport

Although travelling by bus is already one of the most ecologically sound of all transport solutions, Keolis goes further. Our fleet is steadily being expanded by buses running on CNG. This alternative differs little from conventional fuels: the drive is just as smooth, so your ride aboard the bus is just as enjoyable. But what is different is that this mobility solution, powered by natural gas and biomethane, is better for the environment. The CNG engine not only reduces emissions by 20%, but also produces up to 4 dB less noise. All of which results in a more pleasant and quieter ride.


CNG-bus Brussels

Positive for the quality of air and life generally

CNG is the abbreviation for Compressed Natural Gas. CNG is the compressed variant of natural gas and is made up of hydrocarbon and methane that is used mainly as a fuel for vehicles. The natural gas is pumped in liquid form and evaporated to the required pressure.

There are a number of benefits associated with driving on CNG. CNG is less harmful to the environment than conventional fossil fuels. It emits up to 95% less nitrogen oxide (NOx), 20% fewer greenhouse gases (CO2) and up to 90% less particulate matter than a diesel vehicle. A CNG bus does not emit any soot. Which means it has a positive effect on air quality and on health.

With an additional natural gas tank, the range of a CNG bus is increased by an average of 300 to 400 kilometres. Refuelling is also problem-free. On the road, you’ll not notice any difference between driving on diesel or gas. Yet a CNG-powered vehicle makes up to half (-4 dB) the noise produced by a diesel vehicle, which makes the journey quieter.

Safe, sustainable transport

A gas tank is safe because it is designed, manufactured and certified in line with the highest industry standards. It also features a safety valve through which the gas, in extreme circumstances, is released in a controlled manner into the outside air. In the event of a leak, natural gas escapes into the atmosphere because it is lighter than air.

It all boils down to the fact that these vehicles perform just as well as vehicles powered by diesel. They emit less and offer the same level of comfort. At Keolis, we are taking this alternative, sustainable direction into the future.

The first CNG buses were delivered in August 2020 and were deployed for school bus services for the borough of Kraainem and for the European school in Laken. The bus garage is at Keolis Eurobussing Brussels, in Neder-Over-Heembeek. CNG buses are making the Brussels Region even greener.

CNG-bus Brussels